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DJ Siw’roo - FRance & French ST. MARTIN

Party Time (Singer) - Dutch St. Maarten

bernard alexander (photographer) - TAMPA, Fl

Rebel Mas (BLogger) - ATLANTA, GA


DJ Siw’roo 

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Alfredo Gibbs-Claxton b.k.a DJ Siw'Roo (23), hails from the beautiful 37 square mile island dubbed the “Friendly Island”, Saint Martin, where he represents the French side. The prolific DJ started his musical journey at age 13. He has aspired since then to live a life centered around music. He has been driven to use music to bring people together while exploring and experiencing a wide array of cultures. He acquired his Moniker DJ Siw'Roo from his inspiration, his Uncle Bernito Nestor-Hubert, while playing at a family event in his youth. At that moment, DJ Siwroo committed to taking his passion for music and DJ’ing to new heights. He focused on seizing each opportunity he was given or which he sought out. He dutifully attended to his new life path by attending every event, venue and the like in an effort to develop and enhance his knowledge and skills as a versatile DJ. This focus allowed him to not only become an expert at his craft but also to become well known for his talent. 

DJ Siw'Roo joined SOS Radio 95.9 FM, Saint Martin's number one Radio Station, alongside DJ Biggers where he gained momentum as a Radio Personality. During this time he would occasionally mix with Dutty Sham at Youth Radio YR 92.5 FM.With time his exposure grew throughout the industry.  He became known for his versatility and unique mixing style and as such became a well sought after staple on the club scene. Inevitably with his skill and drive he was afforded the opportunity to travel across the Caribbean and Europe to showcase his talents.  

As his skills, and dedication increased he began to and continues to work with a variety of artists including, Odd Brothers, King James, Tolly Boys, SMW, Peter Ram among others.  He plays the riddim box for King Rumer, King Kembe and TG BAND.  In a bold step to expand his reach and his impact he has ventured into new international markets and carnivals like Rotterdam and Miami in 2018. He is poised to take the US Market by storm following an amazing reception in the states.  With his drive and dedication at an all time high he has set his sights on becoming the next International DJ from the Friendly Island to draw attention to the talent that exists in Saint Martin/St. Maarten. 

Remember the name and look out for what DJ Siw’Roo brings to the table in 2019.  Expect nothing but greatness from this talented islander with a commitment to “doing it for the culture” and highlighting the brawn of small islanders. Catch him if you can!