Carnival Chaser

Carnival Chaser

from 845.00


April 26 - 29

Experience Carnival in Jamrock with access to fetes, all the vibrancy of local life and fetes at your finger tips. Perfect for the carnival enthusiast planning on a budget looking for a more cozy at home feel. Designed for the weekend warrior.  


  • Guest house Accommodation*

  • Breakfast Daily

  • Ground Transportation**

  • Fete Tickets (3) 

  • Premium Welcome Kit

* Single, Double, Triple or Quad Occupancy - King Room or 2 Bedroom in Kingston ** Round trip airport, fete, parade transfers.

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* Prices are per person for a group of four (4), three (3), two (2) or one (1) individual; for purchase to be valid each person must book within 24 hours of the initial reservation **5% discount available for payments by direct bank transfer or Cash App .