JamRock Explorer Plus - Single

JamRock Explorer Plus - Single



April 25 - May 1

Experience Carnival in Jamrock with access to fetes and all the vibrancy of local life at your finger tips. Perfect for the carnival chaser interested in experiencing Carnival like a local with perfect Jamaican hospitality in a condo style setting.  Approach carnival like a true Carnival Vet.


  • Moderate Condo Style Accommodation*

  • Partially Stocked Kitchen & Bar**

  • Ground Transportation***

  • Fete Tickets (4) + 1 Complimentary Ticket

  • J’ouvert Package w/ Collection & Delivery

  • Backline Costume w/ Collection & Delivery****

  • On-Site Makeup w/ Complimentary Breakfast & Cocktails

  • Private Chef

  • Cooler Fete Concierge Service

  • Premium Welcome Kit

* Double Occupancy - Centrally located & secure one or two bedroom apt w/ complimentary WiFi ** Stocked with your favorite snacks, local produce & light alcohol *** Service includes any returns (w/ client if their presence is required for sizing purposes) to the Mas camp to rectify sizing or other costume issues ****Round trip airport, fete, parade transfers w/ on call services.

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* 5% discount available for payments by direct bank transfer or Cash App